Camelwood Labradors are based in Padstow, Cornwall and have been keeping and breeding quality Labradors for many years. A lot of time and effort has been put into producing working Labradors to the highest standards. Gary says “he would like to think that he has acquired, and bred, Labradors which have excellent temperaments and have an exceptional talent for working in the shooting field.”
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'SEAL'  Born 18/05/2001 - Hips 5/5 - Eyes Clear

Seal has now sadly passed away on the 5th August 2013, and has left a

massive hole in my heart. She was my first Labrador bitch and the nicest

natured Labrador you could ever wish to own. She was one of those dogs you

never had to raise your voice to or tell her to do something twice. Rest in

Peace my angel and thank you for every second you spent with me  XXX

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'FERN'  Born 06/01/2003 - Hips 5/4 - Eyes Clear.

This is a bitch pup that I kept from a mating between 'Scout' and 'Seal'. She is the

Granddaughter of FTCH Seasway Sweep of Bellever.

She has all their best attributes and everything I like in a working Labrador. She

never gives up on a retrieve and is always willing to please. She is the mother of

Camelwood's Snipe and hopefully she will pass on her brilliant game finding

qualities to him

'SIKA'  Born 31/05/2004 - Hips 6/6 - Eyes Clear

Granddaughter of - FTCH Aughacasia Sam of Drakeshead

Granddaughter of - FTCH Tasco Dancing Brave of Willowyck

My first yellow Labrador bitch, and has turned out to be a cracker. Her

impeccablebreeding, careful training and patience has produced a quality bitch.

Following several seasons experience in the field, she has fulfilled everything I

expected of her with style. I kept two beautiful bitches from her that have been

sired by Camelwood's Moss. I could not lose this fantastic breeding, so kept Ruby

and Wren for my future enjoyment.

''RUBY' Born 25/08/2009 - Hips n/a - Eyes n/a

Daughter of Camelwood's Moss and Fern.

She is an extremely enthusiastic worker that never seems to tire. She is now one

of my main picking up bitches and her game finding skills are second to none.

She is quite timid until she starts to hunt when she is like a spaniel in cover. I

have never owned such a hard working Labrador but her beautiful nature and

looks brings many complimentary comments every season.

'WREN' Born 25/08/2009 - Hips n/a - Eyes n/a

Daughter of Camelwood's Moss and Fern

She is almost fox red in colour and like Ruby she is one of my main picking

upbitches. She is also extremely hard working and very loyal. Her game finding

skills makes life easy for me because she simply never gives up until she gets her

quarry. I normally work her with her sister as together they make a reliable,

efficient team. I have been asked to breed her by several people all wanting one of

her puppies so that will be on the cards in the near future.

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