Camelwood Labradors are based in North Cornwall and have been keeping and breeding quality Labradors for many years. A lot of time and effort has been put into producing working Labradors to the highest standards. Gary says “he would like to think that he has acquired, and bred, Labradors which have excellent temperaments and have an exceptional talent for working in the shooting field.”
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'SCOUT'  Born 15/05/1999 - Hips 4/4 - Eyes Clear

Grandson of - FTCH Pocklea Remus

Grandson of - FTCH Birdbrook Aston of Bellever.

Scout 'The Master' as I always called him, has sadly passed away on the 3rd

July 08. His talents, love and devotion will always stay inside my heart.God

Bless you mate and thank you for our magic times together XXX.

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REAMUS'  Born 03/01/2000 - Hips not scored - Eyes Clear.

Grandson of - FTCH Hamford Dee

Grandson of - FTCH Birdbrook Aston of Bellever.

Reamus has also sadly passed away now and is surely missed. He was one of my

main picking up dogs for many years but like us all ended his years knowing he

gave me everything I ever asked of him. God Bless you mate and thank you for

every minute we worked together XXX

QUAIL'  Born 07/06/2001 - Hips 3/5 - Eyes Clear.

Son of -          FTCH Hamford Zack  

Grandson of - FTCH Pocklea Remus. 

Quail has now also passed away and will leave a massive void in my heart.

Storms dad and Snipes granddad and one of the best dogs I ever owned. Sired

over 30 broods of pups in his time and was such a loyal and talented dog in every

way. He can now join Scout, Reamus and Seal in doggy heaven and goes there

with love from me forever xxx

'MOSS'  Born 25/07/2005 - Hips 9/9 - Eyes Clear.            

Son of - FTCH Broadlaw Elder of Laggengill - Drakeshead Kennels

Grandson of - FTCH Baildonian Baron of Craighorn.

Moss has also sadly passed away and this has left me distraught and very tearful.

This was one fantastic dog and probably the greatest game finder I ever owned. He

was my shooting companion for more than 10 years and I really cannot ever

remember him letting me down. All my shooting pals loved Moss and shook their

heads when he worked doing the things he loved the most and that was retrieving

for dad. I have had Moss cremated and his ashes brought home to be with me

forever. I have a tear nearly every day over my mate and often just sit there and

remember our great times together. Run wild and run free my friend until we meet

again one day XXX.

'STORM'  Born 09/11/2008 - Hips 5/6 - Eyes Clear.

Grandson of - FTCH Hamford Zack

Grandson of - FTCH Flashmount Socrates

A very exciting addition to the Camelwood Kennels. He is intelligent, very keen and

lightning quick which keeps me on my toes. He is superbly bred and has several

Field Trial awards under his belt already. I simply love training, working and

competing this dog and look forward to every season with him. He is a proven

stud and is the father of Snipe, my latest addition.

'SNIPE' Born 04/07/2012 - Hips n/a - Eyes n/a

Gt Grandson of - FTCH Hamford Zack

Gt Grandson of - FTCH Flashmount Socrates

An exciting addition to the Camelwood dogs, fathered by Storm after a mating with

Camelwood's Fern. Its very early doors with this puppy but early signs are

extremely good. He thrives on retrieving and loves training both on land and water.

Im really excited with this handsome boy and cannot wait to put him to the test

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'BUD' Born 08/06/2013

Grandson of - FTCH Craighaar Boris

Grandson of - FTCH Woodstorm Babe of Woodabudge

A new and exciting addition to the Camelwood dogs and a breed change too. He

can boast to having no less than 26 x FT Champions in his 4 Generation Pedigree,

so I have a quality dog to work with. Got him at 6 months old and can't wait to

start serious training with him in the spring.

'RUSH' Born 04/09/2013 - Hips 3/3 - Eyes Clear

Grandson of - FTCH Tweedshot Maximus of Blackhorn

Gt Grandson of - FTCH Craighorn Bracken

Our very latest addition to the Camelwood dogs. A gorgeous fox red dog with

tons of potential and ability. A soft natured puppy that simply loves retrieving and

extremely keen to train. This dog is very quick on his feet and has an excellent

 nose. I cant wait to start some serious training with him in the summer evenings