“If you are into Working Tests, Field Trials, Picking Up or you just want a Peg Dog; rest assured it will have to be trained correctly. I find that most of the time it’s the handler that needs the training more than the dog, and a lot of inexperienced handlers are afraid to ask for help. This often ends up with an out of control dog that nobody really wants to have.”
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One to One Training

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I base my training around 3 things: (PATIENCE – SUCCESS – TRUST)


This is paramount from the very start and very important for the dog’s

future. A lot of handlers want to run before they can walk, which leads

to things being missed and stepped over along the way. All dogs learn

things at different speeds and it’s important to work this out and have

patience with your training. There will be many failures in the

beginning but having the ability to be patient and try again will

normally pay off in the end.


It is so important when you are training for your dog to succeed as

much as possible. It’s not about your dog retrieving 100 yards away

when he is 9 months old; it’s about him or her succeeding as much as

possible. A dog that constantly achieves what it is asked to do and is

praised for doing it, will soon become confident and happy. A lot of

handlers push their dogs too quickly and this can often have a

negative effect.


If you have had patience and have provided your dog with as much

success as possible, this will lead to the most important thing of all

TRUST. When your dog trusts you totally, why would he ever doubt

you? If the dog and handler have complete trust in each other then you have almost cracked it. Trust is only ever

achieved by constant successes in the early stages of training which is why I stress “make it simple and build the

partnership slowly”

There is nothing more satisfying than a well behaved, steady dog sat beside you on a shooting or competition day

with its tail wagging. This does not happen overnight and hopefully it’s something you can all achieve if you really

want to.

If you think I may be able to help you achieve this with your dog then please ring or email me for more information. I

would be happy to help on a One to One basis with your training, and try and install the qualities that were drilled

into me many years ago, by people like Rupert Hill on the previous web page. 

I have recently taken and passed The Kennel Club examination on Field Trial Regulations for Retrievers for judges.

If you have any future intentions of trialling your dogs, then hopefully I can guide you towards what will be expected

of you in the future.

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