“If you are into Working Tests, Field Trials, Picking Up or you just want a Peg Dog; rest assured it will have to be trained correctly. I find that most of the time it’s the handler that needs the training more than the dog, and a lot of inexperienced handlers are afraid to ask for help. This often ends up with an out of control dog that nobody really wants to have.”
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Rupert Hill

Camelwood Labradors

When I bought my first dog at the age of 16, my granddad taught me the basics of training a gundog, because he

insisted his dogs had to be trained to an extremely high standard.

I spent many years learning his ways until one day he said to me “I can’t teach you anymore Gary so you should

now seek advice from the best man you can find, so as you will become a better dog trainer than me”

This was when I introduced myself to Rupert Hill and thankfully he took me under his wing, and has been a great

friend ever since.

Over the years he has helped me with countless training problems and has always been on the end of the phone if

needed him.

I wanted to dedicate a page on my website to Rupert, to enlighten people how successful this man has been over

the years and why I respect him so much.

He started training collies in the 1950’s but soon become interested in Gundogs, and to say he has been

successful would be an understatement. He soon began to make up his gundogs into Field Trial Champions which

most of us will never ever achieve in a lifetime. Here is a list of his achievements as they happened.

 1 Cocker Spaniel – 6 English Springer Spaniels – 3 Labrador Retrievers

 1975 – FTCH Sooty of Bellever – Cocker Spaniel

1976 – FTCH Nell of Bellever – English Springer Spaniel

1976 – FTCH Widgeon of Bellever – English Springer Spaniel

1979 – FTCH Teal of Bellever - English Springer Spaniel

1982 – FTCH Gwibernant Rashleigh – English Springer Spaniel

1985 – FTCH Haretor Abel of Bellever – Labrador Retriever

1987 – FTCH Rytex Rocky of Bellever – English Springer Spaniel

1993 – FTCH Birdbrook Aston of Bellever – Labrador Retriever

1996 – FTCH Birdrowe Buzz of Bellever – English Springer Spaniel

1999 – FTCH Seasway Sweep of Bellever – Labrador Retriever

 In 1983 he was 2nd in the Retriever Championship with Haretor Abel of Bellever and went on to make him up to

champion in 1985

 He was also in charge of the dog section in Dartmoor prison and was a top instructor for 25 years.

He won the Prison Service National Working Trials 3 times with a German Shepherd called Flint which has never

been bettered.

In 1980 he was asked to perform a prison service demonstration at Crufts in Earls Court and was selected as the

dog handling personality of the show which he is very proud of.

He has represented England 4 times with 4 different English Springer Spaniels in International competitions.

Rupert has judged The Retriever Championship once, The Any Variety Spaniel Championship 3 times and The

Cocker Championship 3 times

He has been an A Panel Judge for over 30 years and has conducted training seminars and judged all over Europe,

Scandinavia and as far as South Africa. He has also judged European International Gundog Tests in Belgium,

Holland, Austria and France.

Rupert is extremely well respected in the gundog world and I am proud to call him my friend

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